Webnet Project

Webnet is a web based administration tool for linux servers.

Webnet Developers
You can download the file from our website for free and install it in your linux server.

This is an open source, so if you can modify it by adding some new features in it, please send us a mail at santu@netcamp.in . We will be uploading your source codes along with your name and college at Webnet Developers list and will be awarding you a certificate of merit for that.

Prakhar Prateek, Team Netcamp
(version 1.0) Click here to download
Downloading Instructions:
  • From the right side(Webnet Developers Panel), choose the version to download.
  • You will get a zip file, which will have a folder called webnet, and a file called sudoers
  • In your linux machine, transfer this sudoers file to your /etc/ directory and replace the existing sudoers file there.
  • Change the permission of this /etc/sudoers to 444
  • Upload the webnet directory to your default hosting directory i.e. /var/www/html
  • Start Apache or http port on your server
  • You can now start using the tool by navigating your browser to your server IP address/webnet
  • eg. If your server's IP address is, then to browse webnet, open the URL
  • Authentication username is root and password is netcamp.